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Your monetization model or the mobile platform you're developing for are key factors when choosing which language to localize your mobile game into. Unlike PC or console games, the majority of mobile games are free-to-play. If your game isn’t free-to-play, countrie...

The French spoken in France is quite different from the variant spoken in North America—Canadian French, or Québécois. Here is what you should know about both.

Depending on the language, some alphabets contain thousands of symbols, unlike our 26-letter alphabet, so it can definitely be a challenge to translate your indie game!

Here are some of the best articles, videos, and interviews published in 2019 around the topic of game localization.

Article outline: 1 - Characteristics of the Chinese gaming market, 2 - Four ways to reach a Chinese audience, 3 - Anatomy of a game designed for the Chinese market

We are incredibly proud to see the work of our wonder women in competition with Dragon Quest IX and Ni No Kuni 2 for the ATRAE "Best Game Localization" award.

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