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Game Localization

Game localization

We help your apps and games go global

Video game localization is often overlooked or set as a lower priority of game development while it can actually help you generate significant ROI if it's properly planned and carefully executed.

Level Up Translation's dedicated team of video game industry veterans offer a complete range of game localization and translation services.

Summoning our professional video game translators to localize your apps and games will increase their international reach, help you grow your user party, earn chests of gold and basically take over the world.

We don't just deliver error-free game translations.

We also make sure your game's localization feels natural, speaks to the players and their culture, meets compliance requirements and uses appropriate first party terminology.

Passion and dedication drive us. Needless to say that this special extra mana shows in the games we localize ;)


  • Console game localization

  • Mobile game localization

  • MMO game localization

  • VR game localization

  • Browser game localization

  • Indie game localization

  • AAA game localization

  • Audio script localization

  • User manual translation

  • Strategy guide translation

  • App localization

  • Website translation

  • Press kit translation

Video game localization - Services

The cake is not a lie

Video game localization - Services

The global games market was valued at US$ 202 billion in 2022.
Localization is critical to
secure your share of the cake.

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