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Game Localization

Game localization

Professional Quality Standards

We love and care for video games. This is why we have the most rigorous and professional standards when it comes to their localization.

Native and Experts

We have perfected our craft & methodology over years of experience and millions of words translated.

Game localization

We are all native professional translators as well as seasoned gamers and guarantee that your game's text and audio will feel natural, contain proper gaming terminology and won't have any blocker caused by the translation.

Game localization requires a high degree of knowledge of the local gaming community and cultural sensitivities.


Being long-time gamers and native speakers, we've got all the equipment and XP to make gamers feel like your game was written for them and in their native language.

Game localization

We assign a maximum of 2 translators and 1 editor per language in order to ensure better translation consistency and a closer connection to your game.

If you provide us with all the specifics for your game such as the platform, target audience, character limitations, special restrictions, etc., the translations you will get from us will be ready for use and minimize your need for a QA testing phase.

Bad localization ruins the experience of the players, your reputation and ultimately your ROI.

The Winning Combo: 4-step translation QA process

For a standard game localization project, translations go through a 4-step quality assurance process:


Translators first perform a manual review of their work.


Translators run an automatic QA check in the CAT tool to find the last potential errors.


The editor proofreads the content and makes all necessary amendments to make sure the translation is consistent, free of any typos and grammar mistakes, feels natural and contains the proper terminology.


The project manager collects and compiles the translations and proceeds to a final check to verify that all strings were translated.

Tools Infused With Translation Magic

MemoQ, Memsource, Trados, Crowdin or OneSky App are our best allies to localize MMOs and games with regular content updates.

Game localization

The use of translation memories and term bases ensures maximum consistency and allows us to leverage existing translations for future releases or updates, saving you time and money in the process.

We can also help you with the creation of a style guide that will define the writing style and tone for each language you want your game or app to be localized in.

And because context is key for accuracy, we will always ask you for more information about certain strings through the use of Q&A spreadsheets whenever we have the slightest doubt.

Customer Service XP

Be it for a AAA title or your indie game project, we offer a personal service and can adapt to your own tools and processes.

We know your team worked weekends on a coffee drip to polish their game or its latest update until the last minute and if you need that translation "ASAP", we can do it.

We also offer a personal project management service. You will always have one project manager and point of contact per project. This is the most efficient way we've found to ensure clear, fast communication.

Game localization
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