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"Level Up Translation have successfully adapted Ghost of a Tale, with all the subtleties of the characters, story (and the puns!) intact."

"At the beginning of the project, Damien took the time to speak with us in person, guiding us through the localization process and making sure the workflow was efficient and tailored to our needs.
The team worked hard to research and really understand the game's tone and themes. It was clear from the translators' thoughtful and insightful questions how passionate they were about the project. Most impressively of all, the translated songs still rhymed!

Level Up Translation was also flexible and responsive to content changes. Their time estimates were always accurate, and Damien worked to help us adjust and manage our schedule so we could meet our release date. We were grateful to have them with us on this project."


80,000 words

French -  Italian - German - Spanish
Russian - Simplified Chinese

Ghost of a Tale

by SeithCG

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We are immensely proud to have taken part in the localization of the above games and look forward to adding yours to the list.

If you also want
kickass localization for your games, drop us a line!

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