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Game Marketing Localization

Game localization

We support the marketing of your apps and games

Indie or AAA, good marketing and generating some hype are vital in order to stand out from the masses of games coming out every day.

Marketing a game is a long and challenging quest, but it is unfortunately a very easy one to fail with awkward translations from translators who don't have the required gaming XP.

Going global also means you have to localize your marketing. 

Our game localization guild offers specialized video game marketing localization services to help you make sure that even gamers from the most remote corners of Tamriel or the Outer Rim know about your game or app, understand why they absolutely have to play, find and download or buy it.

  • Marketplace game description translation

  • Screenshot caption translation

  • Meta data localization

  • Keywords localization

  • Video game website translation

  • Video game packaging translation

  • Press kit translation

  • Game advertisement translation

  • Video trailer translation

  • Translation of any marketing content for games and apps

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