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Localization by Expert Game Translators

Game localization

Words are what keep civilization, our world, alive.                                                       Ocelot, Metal Gear Solid V

One-of-a-kind Game Localization Team

Our close-knit organization, common professional experiences across the world and kinship of spirit make Level Up Translation a one-of-a-kind team of professional game translators.

Not every game localization company can rely on game translators that actually know each other personally and have been hardcore gamers and in the games industry for years.

Having been collectively involved in numerous AAA and indie games and counting many years of experience as translators, localization testers, project managers and localization team leaders in the games industry (or even as indie game developers!), we have acquired an acute understanding of the game localization process and perfected our work methodology.

We know that we can rely on each other's game translation skills, but we also share the
highest quality standards and passion for video games since our childhood.

On average, our team members have 14 years of game localization XP.

Meet the experts who will deliver flawless translations of your games — hover over a portrait to learn more about a translator's XP!

Years of Gaming and Localization XP

We really

love them

to bits


Video games have made us the translators we are today.

We owe them so many memorable experiences that we
make it our duty to give them our best through our 
expert and loving game localization work.

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