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  • Damien Yoccoz

9 Games We Localized in 2018 (and that you should totally play!)

Boy, this year has been a long and intense ride full of great localization projects! We’re all looking forward to some well-deserved feasting and rest, but, before we indulge ourselves, let’s take a moment to look back on our achievements from 2018 - and, maybe, introduce you to some of the games that will keep you busy in 2019.


PC (coming to PS4/XBOX ONE February 2019) - 6 languages

We were off to a flying start in 2018 with the localization of this gem of a game, which was developed over the course of five years by a tiny team. Localizing Ghost of a Tale’s incredibly rich lore, dialog, and poetry was no small feat, but we like a good challenge and, with the help of SeithCG, we successfully localized their game in six languages. Not only did Tilo the mouse minstrel win the hearts of gamers worldwide, he also won the hearts of the jury at the French Ping Awards and snatched the “Best 2018 Indie Game” prize! A little birdie tells me that we had our part in this ;)

Ghost of a Tale is available on: Steam GOG Humble


PC - 6 languages

With both an unsettling ambience and a minimalist, but intriguing script, Path to Mnemosyne was one of the most original games that we localized in 2018. We won’t say more, because it would spoil the fun, but let’s say that the trippy art direction and nearly experimental concept of the game surely won't leave you indifferent.

Path to Mnemosyne is available on: Steam


SWITCH/PC - Russian localization

In early 2018, Swedish studio Elden Pixels trusted us with the Russian localization of their indie hit, Alwa’s Awakening - a beautiful 8-bit adventure game that takes you back to the golden age of video games. With pixel-perfect graphics, a simple but challenging gameplay, and an original 8-bit soundtrack, retrogaming fans will feel right at home. We’re really proud to count with such a great title in our trophy room.

Alwa's Awakening is available on: Steam Nintendo eShop


Mobile - FIGS locazition

Probably the second most original game that we localized this year, Morels is the digital adaptation of the eponymous card battler. If you’re into mushroom foraging (like I am), this game has mouth-watering illustrations and a simple but fun gameplay that you're sure to like.

Morels is available on: Google Play App Store


PC - English localization

"You are Jim Sonrimor, a journalist fascinated by the paranormal. Your phone rings one night. The caller invites you to a strange mansion, bordering a forest with a gruesome reputation. Without hesitation, you drive off to visit the place..." Spooky, eh? Horns of Fear's features a great psychological horror story (localized from French to English by our team), jump scares, and a creepy atmosphere. Definitely worth a try if you like point-and-click games with a scary twist!

Horns of Fear is available on: Steam


PC (VR) - French localization (coming soon)

We localized a couple of VR projects in 2018, but Seeking Dawn was definitely the most ambitious of all. With stunning graphics, an impressive sense of scale, and a very creative lore, Seeking Dawn is an intense VR experience that will soon please French players.

Seeking Dawn is available on: Steam


PC/PS4/XBOX ONE - Japanese localization

When you work with solo indie developer, you can immediately tell from Kamel's involvement and communication that everything in game will be meticulously crafted and super polished. Light Fairytale is still in early access, but it already oozes with classic JRPG charm. Keep an eye on this one if you're a fan of the genre, and you should consider supporting its development if you want to help the game achieve its full potential.

Light Fairytale is available on: Steam


Mobile - TBA - English localization

Our portfolio wouldn't be complete without a football game. Enter Pixel Manager: Football - a football management simulation, in good old pixels! The game features a solid management engine that lets you control every single aspect of your team on and off the pitch, as well as infinite character customization possibilities. You can trust our English translator when he says "it's addictive". The Italy-based studio 3x1010 are still polishing their game, so Sir Alex wannabes might want to write Pixel Manager: Football down on their notepad for 2019. The team is also actively seeking a publisher to release their game in further languages in 2019, so we invite you to get in touch with them if you can help.


SWITCH/PC/PS4/XBOX ONE - TBA - 9 languages

One of the pleasures of game localization comes from the knowledge that you can acquire while carrying out research. Well, we can say that we learned a lot while working on Unruly Heroes! The game revisits the Chinese “Monkey King” legend, which largely inspired cult anime series Dragon Ball. So, it was a great opportunity for us to dive further into this founding tale of Chinese literature. The game’s release has been postponed to early 2019, but we’re certain the talented Magic Design team (former Ubisoft employees) will put this time to very good use to polish their jewel. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful and fun games that we worked on in 2018.


We want to thank ALL our partners who trusted us with the localization of their games this year!

Got a game to localize in 2019? Get in touch and work with game localization specialists!


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