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  • Damien Yoccoz

Ghost of a Tale's Spanish Localization Nominated at Premios ATRAE!

Each year, the Premios ATRAE (ATRAE Awards) are awarded to the best translation and audiovisual adaptation works that have been released during the previous year in Spain.

The jury is made up of academic and industry experts as well as winners of past editions.

We are therefore incredibly proud to see the work of our wonder women (Irene Doval Marcos, Julia Gara Lecuona Allende, Laura Linares Fernandez) in competition with Dragon Quest IX and Ni No Kuni 2 for the ATRAE "Best Game Localization" award!

The winners of the VII Premios ATRAE will be announced on November 16th, in Madrid. Fingers crossed! :)

"Level Up Translation have successfully adapted Ghost of a Tale, with all the subtleties of the characters, story (and the puns!) intact."

read SeithCG's testimonial in Ghost of a Tale's Case Study



"Ghost of a Tale was written in English, but the French translation is impeccable, doing full justice to the abundant wordplay in the dialogue and the poetry of the ballads sung by Tilo." - Gamekult

"+ Story with an interesting background + Beautifully-written secondary characters + Funny dialogue" -

"The game’s Russian localization is great." -

"Inspired writing, deep characterization of NPCs, and excellent dialogue contribute to giving the world much greater depth than one would have initially expected." - IGN Italy


Ghost of a Tale, "Best Indie Game at Ping Awards 2018", is currently available in 6 languages on PC, PS4 and Xbox. More info:


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